Because we are confident in the services we provide you and because we want to make your choice easy and risk free, we offer these guarantees with our primary inspection services:
- Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee with our "Deluxe" home inspection.
- Price Match Guarantee with our "Basic" inspection.

Deluxe Home Inspection
Comes with a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. InspectRite is committed to providing you the most thorough inspection and best customer focused inspectors. If you are not completely satisfied that you did not receive a detailed inspection or our service was in some other way lacking, then we will refund your inspection fee. Give us a chance and we believe we will absolutely earn your confidence.

Rules for the Deluxe Home Inspection Guarantee
1. Client must object within 5 days of the inspection
2. Client must be present at the inspection
3. Client must provide their specific concern(s) in writing

Basic Inspection
Comes with a Price Match Guarantee. Our Basic inspection is equivalent to what many other inspection companies offer as their home inspection. And for those who are making price comparisons, here is our pledge to you:

"We will match any price from another home inspection company employing an equally qualified inspector and providing the same quality report".

Rules for Basic Inspection Guarantee
1. Client must provide the lower price quote prior to the inspection
2. Matching inspector must have comparable credentials and comparable overall experience
3. Matching report type must a narrative report, not a check list report, that includes photos and be available electronically.