About Our Company

"Providing diversified inspection services, and lending assurance and confidence to the real estate industry. We offer our clients and real estate professions convenience, choice, and flexibility"

InspectRite was incorporated and has operated business in San Diego County since 2001, and the principal inspectors, Robert Chappell and Bob Davidson, have over 35 years of combined experience. 

InspectRite was founded on the principle of providing "Premier Inspection Services" to our clients and the real estate community. We accomplish this in a simple fashion - we have highly qualified and skilled team of inspectors that provide you with a thorough inspection and quality report.

Additionally, InspectRite offers a wide range of inspection services and has developed a proprietary system that utilizes the latest in industry innovations so that we can offer our clients and real estate professions greater convenience, choice, and flexibility. Take a few more minutes looking over our Website and you will quickly begin to see the advantages we have to offer you.

Calling InspectRite assures you that you are getting the best professional services available.