Unique Benefits InspectRite Offers to Realtors

As a general rule, it is beneficial for Realtors to encourage their clients to have the home or commercial property professionally inspected. InspectRite inspection services offer:

Pre-Sale Inspection - Professional Reputation Professional Reputation
Professional Reputation
Your professional reputation is everything. Having a property inspected professionally reflects on your image and credibility. Discovering building flaws early in the escrow process allows for unknown conditions to be dealt with fairly on both sides of the real estate transaction. Buyers are less understanding when problems are discovered after the close of escrow.
Pre-Sale Inspection - Errors Omissions Insurance Errors & Omissions Insurance
Errors & Omissions Insurance
InspectRite property inspectors carry E & O insurance that helps protect the property owner and the realtor/broker. Additionally, E & O insurance includes personal liability coverage for personal injuries as a result of negligence on the part of the inspector, as well as Realtor indemnity coverage for the benefit and protection of the Realtor or Broker.
Pre-Sale Inspection - Convenience Convenience
In addition to general property inspections, InspectRite can arrange for specialty inspections, such as structural, mold and moisture, and other environmental inspections services.
Pre-Sale Inspection - Information Resource Information Resource
Information Resource
We have a myriad of resources to draw upon to answer a difficult question or provide an opinion on an unusual circumstance. We are always glad to respond to a question or concern you may have. Just give us a call or send us an email.
Pre-Sale Inspection - Reduced Liability Reduced Liability
Reduced Liability
Homebuyers are less likely to allege misrepresentation, negligence, or fraud when the property has been professionally inspected. If a lawsuit is filed, a professional inspection may reduce the liability of the Realtor.
Increased Marketability Increased Marketability
Increased Marketability
Pre-Market Inspections can make the property more sellable. Deficiencies with the property can be discovered and/or remedied without negotiations. Homes with a pre-market property inspection are more attractive to buyers and will often have an easier period of escrow.
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