Inspection will often Reveal Deficiencies That Existed

When newer homes are resold, an inspection will often reveal deficiencies that existed from the original construction. Unfortunately, many homebuilders are reluctant to correct deficiencies after a 1-year period.

An inspection of your new home at the time of the builder ís final walk-through or your acceptance best serves you – the buyer, by identifying and correcting deficiencies while the builder is still present and is motivated to transfer ownership of the property.

Alternatively, an inspection would be advisable within the first year of ownership, if a private inspection was never conducted when the builder sold the home. An inspection at the 11th month of ownership may find deficiencies that would otherwise go undetected for several years or until the property is resold.

Best to Identify & Correct Construction Deficiencies

It is best to identify and correct construction deficiencies as early as possible. Construction deficiencies left uncorrected could have adverse consequences that financially impacts ownership, particularly at the time of resale.

New home inspections are rapidly becoming a popular choice. Having your new home professionally inspected can provide you with assurance and peace of mind that the major systems and components of your new home are installed correctly and working normally.

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